anomalous thinker | purposeful innovator | deliberate executor

Iā€™m on a mission to build solutions to alleviate society's leading causes of stress (i.e. money, work, health, family responsibilities). I believe it requires collaboration, curiosity, integrity, data, and empathy to proactively and responsibly address these problems. And macro patience.

My motto: Teamwork makes the dream work.

Currently building: inclusive financial services for the future of work


Hey there, I'm Tif.

I get really fired up about building inclusive products and services to enable and empower a better life and am currently building Monett to decommoditize banking by building the first B2b vertical banking platform for the gig economy - and help the 1099 workforce gain visibility, clarity, and confidence into their business financials in real-time so they can focus on doing their best work. Have you ever been an independent contractor? If so, I'd love to hear your story.

I grew up as a third culture kid, splitting my time between the suburbs of New Jersey (Jersey Shore, to be exact), Hong Kong, and Beijing. After graduating from Babson College, I had a few stints in Seattle, Boston, and Waterloo before finally making my way to San Francisco. I recently made the move across the bay to Oakland with my better half.

I'm a realistic optimist, driven by the opportunity to create a better future and always ready to run through walls to get there. I spend a lot of time putting myself in the customer's shoes and thinking about how to design environments that encourage positive behavioral change.

In my spare time, I look for any reason to jump on a plane and get lost in another city. Always the first one on the dance floor. Love giving high fives, listening to stories, making things happen, spontaneous excursions, and the outdoors.


I've spent the last decade in business development, strategy, enterprise sales, and product development roles @ consumer, B2B, and SaaS businesses focused on people, privacy, trust and safety, and financial inclusion.


I currently serve as President of the San Francisco/Bay Area Alumni Club for Babson College and am on the Board of Directors of the Babson Alumni Association.

I may or may not have also been Babson's mascot for a minute.


What are you excited about these days? Is there anything I can do to help and support you? Find me on any of the channels below - I'd love to connect.